essentials when packing for Italy

10 essentials when packing for Italy

For the novice traveler, it is tempting to bring everything but the kitchen sink when packing for a trip to Italy.

Whilst we have collated a few tips on packing for Italy, our main suggestion for anyone planning a trip to Italy is to pack less – and pack smart.

To this end, we’ve compiled this ten essential items list, outlining some great things to pack for a trip to Italy.

  1. A bottle opener – you’ll be harder pressed than the grapes themselves to find a good wine in Italy with a screw-top so if you want to have a simple dinner and a glass of wine in your hotel room, you’ll appreciate this (don’t forget to keep in your checked-in luggage though when flying!).
  2. A bar of Sunlight (or other laundry) soap kept in a zip-lock bag for hand washing clothes, or removing the spaghetti sauce from your t-shirt!
  3. A pair of comfy shoes that you won’t mind ditching to make room for new purchases, but that you’ll appreciate when your feet are sore from all the walking!
  4. Nice clothes that can be mixed and matched, preferably that can all be thrown into the same laundry load. Comfortable clothing is not only about them being comfy on, but also feeling comfortable about how you’re dressed in restaurants and looking good in your holiday snaps.
  5. For women visiting Italy in summer, a light shawl that can be rolled up and kept in your bag is a lifesaver for covering shoulders and knees when entering churches.
  6. An over-the-shoulder bag that is easy to carry as a day bag. Backpacks may not be permitted in museums and some churches, and can be a little too inviting for pick-pockets.
  7. An outfit nice enough to be able to go to a concert, theater or nice restaurant, just in case.
  8. Way less casual clothing than you think you’ll need – you’ll tend to wear the same few outfits and can always wash them. In summer, they will dry quickly and in winter, most places are equipped with radiators that are fantastic for drying clothes over.
  9. A plug adapter from your own country to Italy’s. Well, one of Italy’s at least because just to keep life interesting there are at least two outlet styles in Italy. If you’re travelling in a group, or just a tech addict, a small powerboard from your own land plus one Italian converter will mean you can charge several items at once.
  10. A photocopy of your passport and/or other identification. It is the law in Italy that you must have identification with you at all times, but if you don’t want to carry your passport about this is a good alternative. Don’t forget to leave all the unnecessary cards at home as if you do lose your wallet, you won’t have all the hassle of renewing library cards and similar things you won’t be using on your trip to Italy anyway.


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