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No matter which way you hike it – east to west, or west to east – Corniglia will always be the third town you stagger into while hiking the Cinque Terre.

It’s also the only town truly perched up high on a cliff (as opposed to on the side of a cliff) meaning that boats don’t stop here … and if you’re amenable to breaking your sweat (which usually occurs going west-east) do remember that the water is a long way down.

This charming little town dates to ancient Roman times, and during the off-season (late October ‘til March), the population shrinks to something much less than 200 inhabitants. Which probably isn’t any bigger, or smaller, than 2,000 years ago.

The Best of the Cinque Terre - Day Trip from Florence

Wine - Art & Galleries - Countryside - Boat, Gondola & Yacht Experiences - Eco-Friendly Tours -
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See the most beautiful views from land and sea on this wonderfully-designed day excursion. In a small group, enjoy a combination of easy walks, village visits, train rides and a short boat trip between the atmospheric villages, plus feast on a typical Ligurian lunch.

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Your Own Cinque Terre

Wine - Private & Exclusive Tours - Boat, Gondola & Yacht Experiences -
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Explore the famous "Five Lands" on the stunning Ligurian coast with a one-day private excursion from Florence along the Italian Riviera. Discover the world-renowned coastal area comprised of some of the Mediterranean's most picturesque seaside villages.

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