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sometime around 1240, Arnolfo was a sculptor, and honed his craft by helping Nicola Pisano sculpt the pulpit in Siena’s cathedral. He struck out on his own, went to Rome, and garnered many commissions.

He then made his way to Florence, where his first biographer, Giorgio Vasari, asserted in 1550 that Arnolfo was the architect of Santa Maria del Fiore (aka Florence’s Duomo).

Vasari also credited him as the architect for two other monumental Florentine building projects – Santa Croce and Palazzo Signoria. Though there’s just about zero proof for these last two, it’s highly likely he was the first architect of the cathedral; and it’s 100% sure that he did sculptures for the old façade (sadly torn down in the 1580s, to be resurrected in November 2015 when the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo re-opens).

Arnolfo died sometime between 1300 and 1310.

The Original Florence Walk

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Join the fun – we offer the chance to experience the entertaining walking adventure featured on numerous TV documentaries. Highly recommended by just about every major travel guide, our exploration of the city’s streets is a great way to learn about its fascinating past. 

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Original Florence Walk & David Tour

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See Florence’s urban history come to life on this exclusive guided visit of the historic centre that also includes a viewing of Michelangelo's original David at the Accademia. Focusing on the historically-rich areas north of the river and to the west of Santa Croce, you’ll be flipping through the proverbial pages of over 2,000 years of tantalizing history.

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The Original Florence Walk - A Private Tour

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Step back in time through more than 2,000 years of tantalising and tumultuous history to find out how this glorious city became one of the most important art centres of all time. See fabulous masterpieces and hear about the astounding events that happened here which shocked the Florentines...

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The Best of Siena Tour

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Explore one of Italy’s most charming hilltop towns, with a true local authority on the area. This 3-hour walking adventure will introduce you to the history of the famous annual ‘Palio’ horse race as well as the mystery and intrigue of the town’s tales of murder and scandal. Also enjoy the opportunity to see Siena’s stunning collection of beautiful religious relics, artefacts and architecture.

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