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Filippo BRUNELLESCHI (Florence, 1377-1446) was an able goldsmith and sculptor who ushered in the Renaissance in painting—by developing the technique of single-point perspective in drawing—and in architecture—by uniting as no one had before the conception and execution of whole buildings ex novo.

Brunelleschi first came to notice in 1401 when he tied for first place with Lorenzo Ghiberti for the commission to make doors for the Baptistery.

A trip to Rome (in 1402) in the company of Donatello sparked his interest in perspective and in architecture. He started working on the Duomo building site in 1409 and from 1418 to 1438 conceived and then executed the construction of the dome of the cathedral with an entirely innovative technique and tools he designed for that purpose.

He also executed an outdoor loggia for the Ospedale degli Innocenti (1421-24), he planned the re-building of the church of San Lorenzo (completed after his death) including the Old Sacristy (1428), and a Chapel for the Pazzi family at Santa Croce (1430) both of which have a central plan topped by a dome.

Lastly. he designs the church of Santo Spirito (c. 1426).

Each of his buildings displays his concern for proportion and harmony. At his death Brunelleschi was buried in the Duomo.

The memory of this was lost for centuries until his tomb was rediscovered n 1972.

The Original Florence Walk

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Join the fun – we offer the chance to experience the entertaining walking adventure featured on numerous TV documentaries. Highly recommended by just about every major travel guide, our exploration of the city’s streets is a great way to learn about its fascinating past. 

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Exclusive Florence in One Glorious Day (or Two!) A Private Tour

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Experience the beauty and culture of Florence with your own personal guide on these private exclusive tours when you book a place on this discounted bundle that explores the city’s intimate ancient stories. Join our local experts for six hours of the best sites and scenes, including the historical centre and the two world-renowned museums - the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery Museum.

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Original Florence Walk & David Tour

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See Florence’s urban history come to life on this exclusive guided visit of the historic centre that also includes a viewing of Michelangelo's original David at the Accademia. Focusing on the historically-rich areas north of the river and to the west of Santa Croce, you’ll be flipping through the proverbial pages of over 2,000 years of tantalizing history.

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Murder, Mystery & Wine: The Dark Side of Florence

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The charming medieval Oltrarno quarter hides a dark and mysterious past. Let our experts lead you through its intriguing history on this unique twilight adventure, before taking the edge off with a glass of Italian wine.

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The Original Florence Walk - A Private Tour

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Step back in time through more than 2,000 years of tantalising and tumultuous history to find out how this glorious city became one of the most important art centres of all time. See fabulous masterpieces and hear about the astounding events that happened here which shocked the Florentines...

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Exclusive Highlights of Florence Private Tour

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Enjoy an in-depth exploration of the city with your own personal guide. See the David by Michelangelo, explore the famous Uffizi Gallery, and enjoy a brief introduction to the historic center.

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Exclusive Bargello Tour Experience Florence

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Enjoy experiencing the Bargello museum, an amazing medieval jail. See fabulous artworks by the renaissance’s greatest sculptors: Michelangelo, Donatello, Brunelleschi with one of ArtViva’s a great expert guides.

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